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Sight adds depth and understanding to the other senses. This is the third of the five-part series on Taste, Sound, Sight, Smell and Touch and their role in Communication. This series is organized by the IAA India Chapter. Gaelle Carbonneil, who works in the beauty industry, discussed with us the importance of beauty and aesthetic in communication. She, through examples of communication of makeup and skin care brands, identifies certain characteristics in the visuals of some brands as compared to other brands.

Gaelle Carbonneil is the Experienced Head of Marketing at MAC Cosmetics. She has worked with several brands under the Estee Lauder label and hence has developed an eye for relevant visuals that define the brand even without saying it is that brand.

  • Skin care and makeup brands have very noticeable differences in their communication and how they appeal to the consumer.
  • Visuals enhance the brand perception and proclaim the brand’s image before the brand talks about it.
  • The colors that you wish to choose for your brand must be carefully curated and kept true to the image you are wanting to create of the brand.