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There was much insightful talk about change during the evening of 16th September 2016; talk about the evident evolution from the past to the present and the foreseeable (but speculative) evolution from the present to the future, both in the massive and evolutionary field of digital marketing and technology. This fruitful discussion was the product of ‘Digitally Yours,’ an event organized by and held at ISDI WPP School of Communication, wherein a few of the “big guns” in the field of the digital marketing, advertising and technology came together to impart their knowledge, wisdom and experience with us.

The digital world is a rapidly evolving space in the current marketing playing field. People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis. Today, large companies are looking to teenagers and other contemporary generations, who are the most adept and creative at using social media, in order to learn how best they can use the many various social media platforms available to their advantage. In conclusion, this esteemed panel of guests advised us students to look at what consumers around us are saying, to believe in the story we tell because it is important how we say it and encouraged us to follow our dreams and join this evolutionary, booming and innovative business of digital marketing.

  • Russell Winer, Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business
  • Tushar Vyas, Chief Strategy Officer, Groupm
  • Saugata Bagchi, National Head, Quasar
  • Ashish Karnad, Director, Media & Digital Solutions – South Asia, Millward Brown
  • Leroy Alvares, President – Digital Services, Grey
  • Akhil Almeida, Head – Digital Practice , IMRB
  • Karl Gomes, Chief Fanatic, Fanatics
  • Suveer Bajaj, Founding Partner , Foxymoron

Above mentioned, were the panelists for the roundtable.There were several more professionals from the industry that attended event.

  • “There is no digital strategy; there is strategy in the digital world.”
  • “Brands have to move toward purpose or else they lose the chance to create conversation.”
  • Content should incite Conversation. Conversations drive brands.
  • Television as a medium is nowhere close to dying out.
  • Structured Storytelling, one brand voice is essential to a brand’s growth.