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The fourth of the five installments of IAA India Chapter’s Advertising and the 5 senses series was centered around the sense of sound. Students discovered Advertising through sound with Mr. Rajeev Raja, the founder, and sound-smith of BrandMusiq. Rajeev introduced to the students the concepts of Brand Rasas and Avatars, elements that could be used to curate a brand’s character. He connected music, emotions and products marvelously. Through the session of sonic identity, he unleashed the power of sound and its everlasting impact on the world of advertising and showcased how one can associate brand character with an appropriate brand tone, thus creating a musical logo – MOGO (trademarked by BrandMusiq).

Considered one of India’s most exciting flautists, Rajeev enthralls with a mixture of legato and staccato styles with influences ranging from Jazz to Indian Classical to Rock to Latin.

Rajeev has recently featured on ‘ Depths of the Ocean’ – the new album by Indian Ocean guitarist, Susmit Sen and is also touring with the band ‘Susmit Sen Chronicles’.

He has composed music for the Bollywood film ‘Bas Yun Hi’ and has played with a host of musicians including Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, Taufiq and Fazal Quereshi, Merlin d’souza and Vivienne Pocha, to name a few. He also has his own Indo-Jazz band, The ‘Rajeev Raja Combine’ which has plays regularly various venues across the country.

He’s been a creative director in advertising for the past 2 decades & his last post was National Creative Director of DDB Mudra. Today he consults with various companies and has started a sonic branding company called ‘BrandMusiq’.

  • Sound in ads affects people’s buying decisions.
  • Every element in an advertisement is a building block to it’s image.
  • Music used by brands must be carefully curated- it must enhance and not confuse the story the brand is trying to tell.
  • Correct use of music can make create a brand with high recall value.