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Owner of Theobroma, Kainaz Messman shared her story of winning hearts all over Mumbai with her divine and indulgent desserts. She demonstrated how passion can fuel a business and how every small job is essential in the running of a business. “I am what my business wants me to be” is what she religiously believes in. She also shared insights of what led to the start of Three Chicks and a Bear, a burger and shake shop by the Theobroma family.

Kainaz Messman, is the founder and owner of Theobrama, a small cake shop that has grown into a franchise of 13 cafes/stores in 12 years. Kainaz, along with her family, has also started a burger and shake shop called Three Chicks and a Bear that takes great pride in it’s big hearted burgers.

  • Systems and Processes are important. They make ideas stronger and keep execution efficient.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Giving Back is essential to the ethic and culture of an organization.
  • You are what your business needs you to be.
  • You have to evolve for and with your customers. You cannot force your tastes and preferences on them.
  • R&D is important even if only 10% of it ends up reaching the market.
  • People are an invaluable asset. Appreciate them and ensure they feel just as much as part of the organization as you do.